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A simple addition to any home, a sunroom adds a whole new dimension to a house at a fraction of the cost of a conventional room addition or solarium.

The Best Use Of The Room Is Open To Interpretation.

For one homeowner, it's the perfect setting for a seasonal family room. A retired couple might prefer it as a sitting room. For more active lifestyles, it's an ideal party room. The choice is yours.

The Room Captures The Light, As It Keeps Out The Elements.

With wall-to-wall glazing options, a SunScapes Sunroom is that rare commodity: A practical luxury. Truly, it's a room with a view.
You can utilize it year round in most climates. It features double or single-pane windows, a full insulated roof and door options for maximum comfort. Indeed, a SunScapes Sunroom can be engineered to your specific climate.

Easy To Construct. Simple To Maintain.

The beauty of a sunroom is not limited to aesthetics. In fact, the sunroom can be installed in far less time than it takes to build a conventional room addition.
Its aluminum construction makes it virtually maintenance-free which represents a direct and significant improvement over the life of the product. And studies show that homeowners are able to recoup most of their investment, if not all of it, when they sell their homes.

Enjoy Your Day In The Sun.

Into everyone's life some sun must shine. Some rain must fall . Enjoy it all from the cozy confines of a Sunscapes Sunroom. Call or write or e-mail if we can shed any more light on the subject.

Roof Styles:

     Sloped Glazed/Stargazer:
    The popular Sloped Glazed roof option lets in the light, but blocks harmful ultraviolet rays, enabling the owner to enjoy sunlight to the fullest extent.
    The front bay of the roof is made of sturdy, 1" thick insulated glass. The rest is made of Weather-Breaker II insulated roofing. Solidly constructed, the 3" system consists of rugged metal skins with an insulated R-24 inner core. It provides protection from the elements even in the most extreme conditions.

    Another popular option that's available is the Skyview Room Enclosure. A bay-like polycarbonate extension of an existing room, porch, or covered patio, it's an attractive addition to any home.
    Its sleek design features a sturdy polycarbonate roof with curved rather than squared off corners. With light entering the enclosed space above, the cozy effect is that of a greenhouse.

     Insulated Patio Room.
    It's one of the finest coverings you can give to your room. The 3" roof system is constructed of rugged metal skins with an insulated R-24 inner core.
    The Weather-Breaker II insulated roof is at its best when the weather conditions are at their worst, whatever the season. It's effective in the blustery days of winter as well as the blistering heat of summer, not to mention all of the nice days between.



  • Weather Stopper in 3" foam (R-24) insulated roof, constructed as one solid unit, with roof, ceiling and insulated core as one piece.
  • Factory applied sealant between panels for weather tightness.
  • Virtually maintenance-free aluminum construction.
  • Single or Dual glazed windows.
  • Baked on enamel finish, white or bronze.
  • Optional perimeter gutters.
  • Color options on beams, trims, and posts.
  • Optional 15" X 33" skylights.
  • Easy to operate, auto-lock sliding glass and acrylic windows (can be locked in slightly open position for ventilation)
  • Factory weather-stripping throughout.
  •  Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Engineered to meet your local building code.
  • Variety of wall configurations and roof combinations.



  • Walls Includes Walls, Doors, Top Transom, Bottom Filler and Kicker.
  • Curved Eave Curved Eave Sunroom Roof.
  • Straight Eave Straight Eave Sunroom Roof.
  • Solid Roof Solid 3" Insulated Weather Stopper Roof System (Garden Room).

Calculate the length of the walls in the configuration you desire, add the accessories that you need, select the type of roof that you want, and add them all together. Orders over $8,000.00 are shipped to anywhere in the continental United States free of freight charges.

NOTE: Actual prices may vary from the prices listed. This information is for planning and conceptual use only. Please call Buena Vista Sunrooms for an exact quote on your project.

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