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Photo Gallery

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  A. Conservatories:brentwood1thumb02

5. Conservatory/greenhouse, Sonoma, California
4. Hotel conservatory skylight in Atascadero, CA
3. A wood frame conservatory with a view, Studio City, CA
2. A Conservatory with a view, Ojai, CA
1. A custom Conservatory,  Brentwood, CA


  B. Skylights and Atriums:berg1thumb02

8. Movie Studio skylight in Hollywood, CA
7. Large Skylight/Atrium, Escondido, California
6. Hotel conservatory skylight in Atascadero, CA
5. An Octagonal skylight over a patio, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
4. A custom skylight w/ attached canopy, Santa Monica, CA
3. A large skylight (atrium) on an adobe home, Taos, NM
2. Even-span Skylight/Atrium, 22' by 45', Ventura, CA
1. A 26' by 20' Skylight with retractable shades, San Marino, CA

MORE on skylights


  C. Commercial Greenhouses:sun2thumb

3. White Frame Greenhouse, Torrance, CA
2. Nursery Greenhouse, Calabasas, CA
1. Commercial Greenhouse, Duarte, CA

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  D. Hobby Greenhouses:

13. Conservatory/greenhouse, Sonoma, California
      Interior view.
12. Residence Greenhouse, Medford, Oregon
11. Trinity School greenhouse, Menlo Park, CA
      Interior View
10. Freestanding hobby greenhouse, Palmdale, CA
      Inside view
9. Green framed greenhouse (baked on enamel)
      Inside view showing benches, Rancho Santa Fe, CA
8. A unique, second story hobby greenhouse, Ventura, CA
7. Hideaway Hobby Greenhouse, Sherman Oaks, CA
      Close-up of the vent and solar-powered vent opener.
6. Custom built greenhouse using track system, Pacific Palisades, CA
      Another view
5. Custom Hobby Greenhouse, San Francisco, CA
      Interior view.
4. Inside of a Freestanding Hobby Greenhouse, Bakersfield, CA
3. Custom Two Story Sunroom/Greenhouse, Bakersfield, CA
2. A Hobby Lean-to Greenhouse, Bel Air, CA
1. A Lean-to Hobby Greenhouse, Brunswick, Maine

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  E. Solariums:

1. A spa inside a solarium, Pacific Palisades, CA
      Outside view
2. A mahogany frame solarium, Topanga, CA
3. A Straight Eave Wood Frame solarium, Cerritos, CA
4. White Frame, Curved Eave Sunroom, Fillmore, CA
5. Custom Double Curved Eave Sunroom, Beverly Hills, CA
      Inside View
6. A Straight Eave Sunroom, Topanga, CA
      Outside view showing operable windows.
7. Mahogany Frame Sunroom, Malibu, CA
8. Bronze Frame, Curved Eave Sunroom, Fillmore, CA
9. Beautiful Room with a view, West Los Angeles
      Outside view
11. A bathroom sunroom with a view, Malibu, CA
12. This solarium brings the view to you. Los Angeles, CA
       Outside view, another inside view.
13.A small bump out solarium, Hollywood Beach, CA
14. Heffernan Films, San Francisco, CA
       Another view.
15. A beautiful solarium, Santa Barbara, CA
16. Carls Jr. Restaurant, Santa Maria, CA
       Outside view. (Note SolarCool bronze glass.
17. A solarium with a view of the ocean, Hollywood Beach, CA
18. A sunroom/greenhouse/office, Taos, NM
19. Track system on a cedar frame, San Rafael, Calif.
20.  A sunroom by the pool, Beverly Hills, Calif.
        Another view of the sunroom.
21. A stairwell enclosure/skylight, Mill Valley, Calif.
22. A home office solarium, San Rafael, California

MORE on Solariums. See the sunroom photo’s, also.


  F. Swimming Pool Enclosures:

1. Pool Enclosure with Polycarbonate Roof, Sunland, CA
2. Enclosure with Curved Eave, Insulated Glass, Carlsbad, CA
      Another view, Outside view of door, windows, & skylights.
3. Enclosure with Tempered Glass Roof, Santa Barbara, CA
      Inside View
4. Inside An Atrium/Pool Enclosure/Skylight, Beverly Hills, CA
5. Portable pool enclosure,  Barstow, CA
6. Bronze anodized pool enclosure, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
      Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3
7. Enclosure under construction in Bethesda, Maryland
8. Endless pool with custom pool enclosure, Fairfax, CA
9. 28’-6” by 44’-6” pool enclosure, Napa, CA
10. Opal glazing in this beautiful enclosure, Rancho Mirage, CA

MORE on swimming pool enclosures


  G. Sunrooms and Garden Rooms:

1. Double Curved Eave Sunrooms at the beach, Malibu, CA
      Outside View
      Inside view of Top Sunroom
      Another View
2. Garden Room with Solid Roof, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
      Inside View
      Another Outside View
3. Sunroom With Solid Roof Panels, Studio City, CA
      Another interior view
      Another View
      Outside view of the sunroom
      Another View
4. A Custom Painted Garden Room, Redondo Beach, CA
5. A Garden Room with skylights, and attached patio cover.
      Inside view,  another inside view.
6. A second story sunroom, overlooking the pool, West Hills, CA
7. Childrens play room, Santa Barbara, CA
8. Sunroom enclosure with a deck above, Ripon, CA
9. A beautiful sunroom on the golf course, Escondido, CA.

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  H. Window Gardens:

1. A window garden, Delano, CA


  Recently Completed Projects:

1. Skylight, Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA
Greenhouse/ Conservatory, Oakland, CA


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