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What kind of Sunroom?

What type of sunroom do you want?

“Sunroom” is a generic word that is sometimes used to describe solariums, patio rooms, garden rooms, a “Florida” room, a “California” room, an atrium, a room with a skylight, a greenhouse, or any other building with glass in it. We like this definition: “A sunny room for people to live in and enjoy”

Take the Short Cut: Double Layer of glass or Single Layer

Two Kinds

There are two main types of sunrooms that are differentiated by the type of glass in each.. 

     The first type has insulated glass panels, which are also called double layer, double glazed, dual glazed panels, or “DG”. Whichever you call it, it has two layers of glass with an air space between them. This space can be filled with argon gas, krypton gas, carbon dioxide, plain air, or a combination of these gases.
    Because the two layers of glass have two surfaces each that can be coated with Low-E or reflective materials, some very high performance characteristics for blocking heat from the sun, or keeping the room warm in cold weather are possible. The type of sunroom that uses insulated glass is called a Solarium.

     The second type of sunroom has only one layer of glass and is referred to as single layer, single glazed, or “SG”. The number of coatings that are possible on a single layer of glass is more limited, and applicable to only the two surfaces of the single piece of glass.



  Choosing an insulated glass or single glazed sunroom is the first of many decisions that you will have to make in selecting your sunroom, and one of the most important. These different types of sunrooms have advantages and disadvantages for different uses.

   If you are planning to use your sunroom to become an extension of the living space of your home, or to extend your office space, you should consider the insulated glass solarium. Generally, if you are going to heat or use air conditioning in the room, then a solarium will retain more heat in winter because of it's higher “R" value.
For warmer climates or a southern exposure, two layers of glass, with special coatings, will also control heat buildup better.
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For a sunroom that is less expensive, yet has lots of features, choose a single-glazed sunroom. These sunrooms have sliding glass windows and screens in all of the walls to provide lots of ventilation. Although you may not want to heat it in the winter, this sunroom can be used comfortably for three seasons of the year.
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