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Sunrooms, Solariums and Patio Rooms

Buena Vista Sunrooms offers you so many possible combinations of styles, models, options and accessories to fit your needs. EXACTLY.


You can create any design from a small sun ledge to a sweeping two-story sunroom. You can choose a graceful curved eave or a straight eave style to match your roof pitch. You can have a sunroom with both gable ends, just one gable end, or without gable ends to create a soaring atrium. And you can vary the rafter spacing to fit your space. PRECISELY.

You can have any type or brand of insulated glass. You can select from a full range of accessories and different types of window coverings.


But regardless of how you design your sunroom, one thing will never vary. QUALITY.

Every Buena Vista Sunroom is engineered and manufactured for a precise, weather-tight fit. With Buena Vista Sunrooms, you won't have to compromise your dreams to put your home in a whole new light.


  • Available in curved eave style, or straight eave style.

  • A choice of standard 2/12”, 3/12”, 4/12”, or custom roof pitches.

  • Standard models: Knee Wall (KW), Glass-to-Ground (GG), Double High (DH).

  • Choose an aluminum curved or straight eave sunroom.

  • From 18” to 20'-4” deep, and any length in multiples or combinations of 12” or 48” bay widths, and custom sizes, too.

  • 1/2" to 1” thick insulated glass panels available in clear, bronze, Low-E and high performance LowE3 offering reduce heat gain, SolarCool® bronze, and many other configurations.

  • Available with tempered safety glass or laminated.

  • Standard rafter spacing (bay width) of 12" to 48" on center, or custom rafter spacing available to create a custom look.

  • Choose models with both gable ends, either left or right gable end, or without gable ends.

  • Options include a 6’ slider or swing doors, ventilating fan, sliding windows, large or small awning windows, casement windows, solid filler panel for air conditioning access, operable roof panels, and electrical outlets.

  • Range of window coverings for privacy, sunlight filtration, and control of heat gain and loss.

  • Meets or exceeds standards or guidelines of all major building associations, and all national building codes.

  • Lifetime warranty assures satisfaction.

  • Standard finish colors are white and dark bronze with custom colors available.


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